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Know The Important Work You Do Each Day As A Teacher...
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Makes A Meaningful Difference In The Lives Of Your Students...
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Stop And Simply Breathe...
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Breathing In, Calm Your Body...
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Breathing Out, Smile And Relax...
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Learn To Dwell In The Present Moment...
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Let Go Of The Past...
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And Do Not Worry About The Future...
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Spend Some Time Out In Nature Each Day...
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Make Time For Your Family Members...
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Have Some Fun With Your Friends...
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Savour The Beauty Of Every Season...
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 Your Oasis Of Well-Being,

During A Busy School Day!

A Unique Collection Of 'Digital Relaxation Products', Created By A Real Teacher, Especially For You, The Modern Educator!

Following the 'COVID - 19' pandemic, teachers everywhere, of all ages and at all stages of their careers, are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety,

as they strive to help their students achieve learning gains,

after this prolonged global health crisis.


According to the 'Elementary Teachers Federation Of Ontario' ( 'E.T.F.O.' ),

within their impactful "Voice" Magazine interview with the psychologist

Dr. Natasha Williams entitled:


"Putting Mental Wellness Front And Centre":


"The ability to use a five minute, 'time out' to recharge,

is an excellent action for managing stress.

One of the ways to quickly recharge is to find a quiet space,

and engage in relaxation breathing, meditation or prayer.

This is an excellent way to calm the mind and body,

quiet your surroundings and recharge."

Teacher Wellness Time - It’s Time For Teacher Wellness!

Noting this crucial connection between self - care and an educator's

well - being, "Mindfulness Moments For Teachers" was created by a real teacher, who understands the challenges and complexities of the busy, modern classroom.


These unique 'Digital Relaxation Products' are easily accessible audio recording files. Combining the soothing sounds of nature, with relaxation music, and spoken words, "Mindfulness Moments For Teachers" are only two - three minutes in length, and are based upon the actual 'moments’ which many educators will experience at least once in their professional life, and quite possibly, even many times over the course of a long teaching career.


Just as many educators receive a segment of time each day to program, referred to as 'Planning Time', please consider "Mindfulness Moments For Teachers" as a simple way to create some vitally important 'Teacher Wellness Time' in the midst of a busy school day!

Teacher Wellness Time Logo

 Your Oasis Of Well-Being During A Busy School Day!

Furthermore, as Michelle Richardson stated within the timely 'E.T.F.O.'

"Voice" Magazine article entitled:


"A Much Needed Shift In Self - Care":


"Take time to stop and breathe throughout your day.

It sounds so simple, but it is one of the most effective strategies,

for calming the mind and body, and centering ourselves in the moment."


After all, as an educator, you give so much to others,

now take some time for yourself, during your lunch break

or 'Planning Time' session...

Please Listen For FREE: "Mindfulness Moment #2 - At The Mid - Point Of The School Day"

Professional Disclaimer

The 'Digital Relaxation Products' Called "Mindfulness Moments For Teachers" Are For Relaxation Purposes Only. Nothing Contained On This Website Is, Or Should Be Considered, Or Used, As A Substitute For Professional Advice, Medical Diagnosis,

Or Therapeutic Treatment Purposes. The 'Digital Relaxation Products' Called "Mindfulness Moments For Teachers" Should Never Be Used During The School Day When An Educator Is Expected To Fulfill Professional Teaching Duties And / Or Responsibilities.